Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I believe in Harvey, not Miley

Just imagine for a moment that Harvey Dent were a real person. The complete madman, serial killer, BFF of Joker, and conflicting (yet corraborating) split personalities. Now, imagine if this very comic book character were a real person.
And he just admitted that he was a Christian. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT!?
Here's the crazy thing, I could easily go with one of the most famous slogans in comic book history ("I believe in Harvey Dent.") better than I could for Miley Cyrus. At least people could believe Harvey will make mistakes since his very nature is revealed on the surface, literally.
My brother once told me that Ozzy Osbourne said he was a Christian (once upon a time). When I expressed doubt, our mother said (keep in mind, she was raised very traditional and hates Ozzy) that people will say they're Christian when they're not.
This comes to mind when I think of Miley. She goes to church, therefore she's a Christian. I wonder if I stay in a garage long enough, will I suddenly be a mechanic? Or be in a corporate office, will I suddenly be a CEO? I don't see that happening, so does one presume such for being a Christian?
Granted, Christians do sin quite frequently (I myself am a practitioner, something I find quite unfortunate), so what's the big deal on ragging on Miley? Or even the guy she was... what was that term? "Twerking"? Dumbest term I've ever heard, personally, and I've heard of plenty of bizarre terms. In today's churchey culture, "sin" seems one-dimensional, meaning all sin is sin and therefore can't be allowed. To a degree, that's true, yet there's another degree. The original languages that the Bible was written in had more definitions for certain words than we tend to remember.
For "sin", there were, if I remember right, 2 different versions.

1. There's the "lesser" sin, one could say. The type committed by everyday average joe Christians (and the elites). Stuff like "minor" swearing, lying, lusting, minor "social sins", and the like. Basically, I don't know a single Christian who doesn't break at least half of the Ten Commandments everyday (accidentally or intentionally), and they do so through "lesser" sins. An unfortunate part of human nature.

2. Then the big ones. Blasphemy. Sexual sins (not like pornography, but like marital affairs). Heresy. Things like that.

In Miley Cyrus's case, the idea that she calls herself a Christian, goes with backdoor statements like she "knows" she "loves God" yet does a rather sensual/sexual act on stage in front of a crowd full of impressionable kids and teens that look up to her? As an idol? It doesn't take a genius to figure out what the overall message was behind the... dance (?)...
Call me close-minded. Narrow-minded. Old-fashioned. Prude. Naïve.
Whatever you want to call me, I call me, "myself".
But I believe in this: if a woman (forget the age, got it? Cool) shows off her body to the general populace, then she's lost my respect for her, and not just in the public image. She's lost my respect in what she says she believes. If a woman truly does respect herself, she won't show off to anyone who demands a... performance (no pun intended). A woman who claims to be a Christian and is the real deal knows how to cover herself. Today's society knows how to exploit the lustful weakness of boys (to the point of influence that no one thinks about the way TV affects  the mind of grown men, it seems), so for a young woman (or even tween girl who's already growing) to not really wear a modest outfit will get them howling at the moon better than Ozzy could.
Why would a woman be covered in modesty? Not just the social answer I gave, but it's indicated in the Bible that men's sex drives are focused on sight, and I remember a pastor of a great church I once went to say (during a sermon), "Ladies, you could dress your selves in a potato sack, that's it, and us men would still get turned on!" Some church readers reading this just had a heart attack at that, but it's true, and that pastor was NOT afraid to speak up about the truth of lust, nor the idea of covering one's eyes.
Women are on a different spectrum, for it's indicated in the Bible that their drives are more emotion-based (hence why they say "Foreplay isn't an elective, it's a prerequisite"). Makes sense that way, to me at least. And yet, as much as many modern churchgoers are prepared to condemn anyone who's lured into sexual sin, many don't actually read the Bible (in entire contexts) what the deal is about how men and women think differently on terms of sexuality, and there's plenty in There.
Now, in today's status quo, it's extremely easy to go ahead and brag/boast about how much sex you have, yet people make it exceptionally difficult to say you're a virgin and be as proud.
Oh, wait, that's never happened to me- the difficult part, at least.
I've been made cruel fun of, mocked, called names, challenged to lose it to a hooker, etc., all because I'm the rare person (let alone male) in my mid-20's and still a virgin. Big whoop. No, it isn't easy. But, according to my last ex-girlfriend, it's worth waiting, which I've always believed and have no reason to stop believing.
This is why I don't believe in Miley Cyrus (whether the twerking, revealing the sides of her breasts in photo ops, just barely showing bare thighs, or even flipping off cameras as a reaction to the public's reaction). As much as I've given up being a legalist, I will say this, I don't believe she's anymore a Christian than Fred Phelps would get into Heaven if he'd still be the same anti-gay cultist when he passes on.

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