Sunday, December 27, 2015

Goodbye '15, good riddance

It seems the day before yesterday this year started. Much has happened. Not all of it good.
In fact, many in Facebook have practically dubbed the "Year of Offense" because everyone got mad at anything. Any. Single. Given. Thing!
Whether it was a blank red cup, a man that went the way of Frank N. Further and Mrs. Doubt fire (but wants to change back, I laughed at that), or people yelling at tiny things that are common sensical... or really big issues like Daesh (aka ISIS) still murdering and persecuting any and all who disagree with their beliefs, Batman: Arkham Knight PC version, or Trump's hair job (couldn't resist).
You know, back in 2008, when Barack Obama was elected for his first term, something about him bugged me. This year, I told a follower of the Church of Christian Science ("Christian Scientists " they call their selves, rather laughably as they show no sign of either in their ways) that very thing and she casually accused me of being racist. I told her differently, politely, civilly, and forwardly that I'm no racist, "for racism has no bearing in the life of one who not only believes the Bible literally, but lives and practices it." Yes, a personal quote.
As things stand, I left the Christian Scientist with many challenging statements in the past year, but the last one should be a kicker, that my sin (they don't believe in that, it seems) is the reason why I desperately need God, whether I want Him in my life or not. She had a seriously confused look on her face.
Oh, well.
So, next big thing to start on next month (hey! My one year anniversary working at Little Caesar's is in a few days!) I've already started this month- working on book 1 of The Invert Sasncti series. It's a dasrk urban fantasy dealing with retribution and redemption along with a potent dash of the substance of grace when it comes to a scarred past. I already have a decent beginning but now need to get more into it.

P.S., the Doctor Who Christmas Special was, as no. 9 put it, "Brilliant!"