Monday, September 23, 2013

The Thicke of It

I ceretainly hope you didn't think I was going to rag on Miley and forget about the guy she was with, so here I go for the guy.

Men, for a moment, consider something... if you're married with children and you do what Robin Thicke did with Miley Cyrus, consider the potential messages he was sending to them:

His wife- "You want to turn me on? This is how you do it."
His daughter- "You want those boys? This is how you get them."
His son- "You want girls? This is how they're to be treated."

Maybe not those specific messages, but something along those lines.
Essentially put, Robin is sending a dangerous message to young teens and tweens that impressionable and look up to him and Miley about sex. And, it seems, nothing else. The message appears to be that sex is all that counts in finding someone worth knowing then dating, then being with (sadly, that no longer necessarily means getting married to, just shacking up with).
If that were true, there would be no need for abstinence. Or even just the need to have a personality, just be a walking sex toy.
Sadly, though, that does seem to be the advent status quo, and in a much more prominent way than in the past. I guess we didn't learn a thing about the mistakes made by flower generation in the 60's.
Yet, due to how heavily popular the concept is that sex HAS to have happened in life by the time one's a teen, two things come to mind immediately for me:
1. When IS the accepted age of kids being given free rein to give up their virginity and how are they to be treated if it happens before that accepted age? Society isn't very forgiving of pedophiles, but today, it's not very kind to those who hold on to their virtues, either.
2. It's completely accepted that anyone can brag and boast about their sex life, unless you're a virgin. Then everyone has free rein to rag on you and either degrade you (I've been called a fag for being a virgin when I was 22, if that gives you an idea of how cruel society can be) or pressure you to lose it, not helping its image that it is tolerant of people's choices.
With that second one, I have been told 3 times that I shouldn't go around telling people that I still haven't lost my virginity. Only the third one didn't agree that it was hypocritical to think that way. Then again, I thought of that guy as "Eminem Jr." since he's white and has a major ego issue that seems to control him rather him control it at all.

Yes, I can have layers and layers of thoughts stemming from one central thought. In this case, just one guy letting a girl 16 years his junior do an extremely sexually provocative "dance" move that leaves no room to the imagination of the message being sent to the young and impressionable that it's okay, what they're doing. If they can do it, then so can anyone else.
Is anyone else disturbed at the direction this is going?

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