Friday, August 23, 2013

The 'net just got sad again

Remember when I reported that was down? Apparently payment for the site was paid up because it's back up. Which means people will still e able to come by the site and laugh at it and claim that's how Christians think. Or something like that. It is sad that there are people like David J. Stewart who says Jesus is the only way to Heaven and sound like heathens when they say it.
Now for the blatant contradictions on the site:
*He claims it's not a hate site, yet everything on it is blatantly hateful if you're not of his mindset on any particular thing or issue.
*He claims to have answers on why he criticizes religion. Sadly, he sounds precisely like the religiousity I grew up in, so he's no better.
And trust me... there's plenty more contradictions about the site.
But something for thought. He claims on the contact page that, due to poor health, he's unable to make contact with people who want to ask him stuff. If he's that sick, how could his site be up and running again?

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