Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Live the Unrated Life!

My brother and I have an inside joke about un/rated movies:
Rated movies are decaffeinated coffee, you won't get as much as you should. Unrated movies are like regular coffee, you get the whole deal. However, to go further into detail, I have noticed 2 kinds of unrated movies.
There are those that are unrated just to have more content:
And there are those that are extended to give more story:

As I've thought about it over the years, I've realized that there's an integral difference between the people in the Bible and today's churchgoers (not all, but a sad chunk of them); the people of the Bible lived such a noticed life full of intensity in faith that they lived an UNRATED LIFE! They did not care how society saw them. Yeah, they still had flaws (who doesn't? I'm still a pretty jacked-up person despite having faith in God and Jesus), but they had more a passion to follow Jesus and God.
And how are today's Christians?
They're rated.
They seem to act and behave like following the rules (made by man, mind you, barely striving for God's commandments at all) will save them more than living the committment to Jesus' commandments.
It's no wonder we're such a joke in the eyes of society, whatwith Christians just going to church, giving 10% of their income, singing a few songs, trying to not swear/drink/smoke, and trying to appear presentable. I've known a man that went to church, wouldn't dare watch an R-rated movie, cringed whenever his co-workers swore, and always tried to follow the rules of today's church. And then he would say that he was a good person. His wife asked me once if that was all it took, I told her "Not by a long shot." It really doesn't. If all that's needed to be done to get into Heaven was following the rules and being a good person, then the Pharisees had been right all this time and Jesus died for NOTHING. In which case, there'd be people I really don't want to see again in Heaven. If that were the case, Heaven would be a nightmare for me.
Following rules has nothing to do with following God, particularly the rules made by man, but a heart that strives to know and love God, that's important. 2 excellent examples was King David and his son, Solomon. And I follow their example whenever I can (not easy in this generation, yet I believe it's worth it).
So, let's try to live an unrated Christian life, one filled with unexpectancies, open to the insane possibilities of what God has in mind for us. You never know the asinine stuff that can happen.
Now for my own question: what's my excuse for not going with that kind of life?

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