Wednesday, October 23, 2013

When Did I Become a "Terrorist"?

If there was any doubt about our president being not a Believer, it has become affirmed.
I no longer believe Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., is a Christian. Even false shepherds can vocalize a faith they don't believe in.
Recently, I looked up a site that had 72 "signs" that a person may be a "potential terrorist", and it was the last one that was completely blatant.
72. Evangelical Christians.
Nothing on the list indicated anything about being Muslim or supporting Islam like it may have a decade ago, now it was all implicitly/explicitly referring to Christians. I didn't look at the entire list, but what I did look at was a clear indication that prez Obama is NOT a Christian, as though hiring anti-American and anti-Christian people as part of his congress cabinet board wasn't clear enough...
It has become irritatingly clear in the last few years that political correctness has forced Christians their hand(s) to hold back anything in the possibility of being slammed against. They can get offended but cannot offend. They can be fought against, yet not allowed to fight back. It's becoming a one-sided battle with an enemy that starts with spirits, not the flesh. That's the main thing materialism seems to get us to forget, that we're not actually fighting flesh. Flesh is more just a physical channel (if not a conduit) for spirits to interact. From interaction comes a potential to manipulate social activities. Also recently, I'd noticed that certain things we do accept in maybe the past 10-ish years seem to be more accepting of ideals and systematic ideologies that are not (in any way) American and call it political correctness in an attempt to quench it.
Good thing I don't go by political niceties. If almost any, by that matter.
Technically, anyone who causes the biological response we call "terror" is a terrorist, anyway. I, personally, have been through a few traumatic experiences (resulting in civilian PTSD) that caused terror in my child- and teenhood. So I've dealt with terrorists who will never be on any government watchlist, yet, in my eyes, they're terrorists nonetheless. And they're not Christians, either.
So now has come the time when choices will be made that will either undo America entirely or strengthen America as a whole. But the choice one makes, one cannot make and be soft in their core.
Make your choice and stand by it, even if you'll be called a "terrorist" in doing so.

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