Sunday, July 14, 2013

Favor to ask you readers

Starting this week, I'll be getting back to writing my novel WIPs, and I'll need proofreaders. If anyone's interested, when I have time, I'd like to send 5 chapter segments of stories to anyone who wants to look over. Spelling mitsakes, grammar issues, if something to needs better clarifications, etc.
Here are the story titles and their genres. If you want be a proofreader, let me know which story you want to be a part of.

Incongruity (weird/sci-fi)
DeadHunt (psychological suspense/thriller)
Love... in the Flesh (historical fiction)
We No Longer Believe in Heroes (contemporary drama/suspense)
The Forbidden Invasion (post-apocalyptic horror/thriller)
Grips (psychological horror)
Plain Jane (short story)
The Pariah (short story)

If you're interested, here's my e-mail address:
Just enter the book title as the subject and I'll add you to the proofreader list.

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