Saturday, June 1, 2013

Farewell May

This has certainly been quite a month for me. As I'm sure this coming month will be as well.
Many projects I'd wanted to work on I had not much time to do so, maybe I will this month.
Here's what I'll be working on (hopefully) book-wise:
The Forbidden Invasion (dubbing it a "post-apocalyptic horror/thriller", and apparently people are willing to be offended to read it as some have acknowledged when I asked on facebook)
Plain Jane (a short story)
DeadHunt (Part 1 of the Jeffrey Krowe Chronicles, this book is the one I've written the most in at this point)
The Pariah (a short story)
Love, In The Flesh (a historical fiction [NOT ROMANCE!] set during Jesus' life, will be more accurate in the timeline and the linguistics/culture than most books about Jesus' life that I've read. Yep, I'm doing it in a way I'm familiar with)

Some works I'll be working on details before I actually get to work on them:
Darkest Reign (Part 1 of The Abnormal Traveler Saga, a sci-fi series that traverses basically every known subgenre of sci-fi)
Incongruity (Part 1 of an as-yet titled sci-fi series)
Bloody Rebel (hold on to your hats- it's vampiric fiction [no, I'm not trying to sell out] set in London in a future where it's controlled by total anarchy and the demons of the 7 Deadly Sins)
We No Longer Believe in Heroes (contemporary suspense)
Grips (straight-up psychological horror set within a haunted hotel)
Searflash (techno-thriller set within a horror story about a prophet and a terrorist set on vengeance)
Tragic Beauty (part 1 of a series about one of the things today's church is so afraid to talk about lest they offend people or get laughed at- pornography and how it could become interactive in our world)
The Street's Fighter (cyberpunk mystery)
Dystropolis (cyberpunk techno-thriller in a metropolis that is, in every way, one step away from falling total anarchy and disarray)
Perceptuality (sci-fi murder/mystery dealing with time jumps and reality shifts)
Contract City (a bizarre genre-bending action-mystery dealing with hitmen and complex political machinations, or something like that :)
The Originalist (dark fiction dealing with an amnesiac trying to figure out who really is and why he's so good at torture and interrogations, and why there are people after him like they're trying to kill him). Speaking of torture...
An Extreme Trial (grueling, graphic dark mystery dealing with domestic torture and how people react today when it comes to finding out the darkest secrets we have, even though we claim that, as Christians, we're supposed to overlook our dark pasts to see the new creations in God. This, second to The Forbidden Invasion, is my darkest story idea, dark enough that I actually flinch at the thought of a couple scenes).

Oh, last thing: it's not only books that I'll be trying to work on. Depending on how this summer goes on, I'll let you know how things go. Maybe next month I'll post a couple reviews of books that I really need to let you know about. (Prophetess by Keven Newsome, for one)

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