Saturday, March 23, 2013

Slow inspiration

There's a recently new Dell commercial, featuring a man who goes on a train at a specific time every day he goes to work. He goes early to find inspiration for a comic book (maybe graphic novel) he draws in. The narrator is right about something when it comes to one's inspiration, and using him with it: "Sometimes, inspiration comes slowly."
Stephen King would know. In his book The Waste Lands, he has Roland Deschain constantly referring to when he beat his mentor, Cort, in a duel, to prove he had the merit to be a gunslinger. In the book's timeline, sixteen hours after defeating Cort, Roland goes to bed with a hooker. In the afterword in his next book in that series, Wizard and Glass, Stephen reveals that, though it was only sixteen hours difference in the storyline, it took him 26 YEARS to finally think of a way to bridge the events and the courage to write it down. Yep, inspiration came quite slowly for him, but he finally got it and wrote it down.
And now, 36 years after releasing one of his fan-favorite books, The Shining, he is giving his fans what they've been waiting for all these decades afterward (and that book was released a decade before I was born!), a sequel called
Though it has been quite some time, inspiration had come to Stephen, through multiple inspirations over time.

Personally, I know the feeling of inspiration being slow. To date, I have been inspired to think of over 100 stories, some have taken a long time to get inspired, others took just a quick thought. So, remember, if you think there will be nothing to inspire you to do something that's not considered "mundane," don't give up, inspiration can be slow, but, as God constantly reminds me through inspiration, it will come.

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