Monday, February 11, 2013

A V-Day Project

For my first post, I'd like to introduce an innovative project for this year's Valentine's Day.
Having never had a girlfriend for Valentine's Day, I have pesonal experience on how depressing it can be to have no one around that loves (save for family), so I'd like to do something different.
This Valentine's Day, if you're a Believer in the Bible, make RANDOM V-Day cards that don't strictly say "I love you," but have them be randomly inspirational. Write something in them (for fun, whatever amount of cards you're making, make sure no two have the same statement) and make the statements Biblically correct, not politically correct.
Our world is entirely focused on hedonism- that is, "all for me." Sadly, I know some churches that are like that. This will be different. Make sure to have the central theme of each statement be about having love and compassion for them. If you want the statements to be subtle, go for it, if you want to make them referential, by all means do it.
Not everyone has a "significant other" to be with, and some, because of the world's expectations for Valentine's Day, will no longer feel like they have anything to live for. Prove them wrong compassionately.
Up for this project? Just remember, if you go for it, be serious about it, don't hold anything back and definitely have no fear ing iving the cards to any given, random stranger you meet anywhere.

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